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ANA Investigates

Aug 16, 2022

Late last month, the journal Science published an investigative report that accused a much-cited publication in Alzheimer’s disease... of fabricating scientific images. The study under scrutiny was published in Nature in 2006 by Sylvain Lesné and colleagues. It claimed that an amyloid oligomer called Aβ*56 impaired memory in mice. The recent Science report found potential fabrication in the images used in that paper... and concluded that this potential fabrication threatens the amyloid hypothesis in Alzheimer’s disease. Here at ANA Investigates, we decided we needed to ask the experts about that. Their conversation will help us understand the impact of the recent investigative report on the field of Alzheimer’s research. Series 3, Episode 10. Featuring: 
- Guest: Dr. Richard O’Brien, Alzheimer’s researcher, Chair of the Department of Neurology at Duke University
- Interviewer/Producer: Dr. Erik Roberson, Alzheimer’s researcher, endowed Professor of Neurology, and Director of the Alzheimer’s Disease Center at the University of Alabama at Birmingham