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ANA Investigates

Feb 21, 2022

Can coma be “cured”? On this podcast, we talk to Dr. Claude Hemphill and Dr. Romer Geocadin of the Curing Coma Campaign. Series 3, Episode 4


  • Guests: Romer Geocadin, MD, Johns Hopkins University & Claude Hemphill, MD, University of California San Francisco
  • Interviewer/Producer: Dr. Adeline Goss
  • Disclosures: None

Below are articles the guests of this podcast wished to share with the listeners:

  • Early Thalamocortical Reperfusion Leads to Neurologic Recovery in a Rodent Cardiac Arrest Model:
  • Proceedings of the First Curing Coma Campaign NIH Symposium: Challenging the Future of Research for Coma and Disorders of Consciousness:
  • AHA SCIENTIFIC STATEMENT: Standards for Studies of Neurological Prognostication in Comatose Survivors of Cardiac Arrest: Circulation. 2019;140:e517–e542. DOI: 10.1161/CIR.0000000000000702 -
  • Detection of Brain Activation in Unresponsive Patients with Acute Brain Injury; n engl j med 380;26 June 27, 2019
  • Therapies to Restore Consciousness in Patients with Severe Brain Injuries: A Gap Analysis and Future Directions; Neurocrit Care (2021) 35:68–85;
  • Mechanisms Underlying Disorders of Consciousness: Bridging Gaps to Move Toward an Integrated Translational Science; Neurocrit Care (2021) 35:37–54;